Frequently asked questions

We use lower frequencies that are able to travel farther through trees and obstructions.

Yes, some of our plans may produce a more desirable result depending on household needs but all our plans are capable of streaming except for our backup failover plans. Our Gold Plan is reccomended for only one device streaming and supports up to 720P only.

Yes, however we do recommend our Platinum+ plan or higher for this service. Live streaming requires more capacity than standard on demand streaming. We recommend YouTube live for as many of our customers report troubles with Hulu Live condimentum curabitur suscipit dolor est phasellus dui sociis fringilla a dignissim quisque ullamcorper nec eu eros.Elit consectetur non parturient tempus adipiscing nullam metus.
Our system has one of the highest up-time rates of any internet method with over 99% up time.
Well it is hard to predict the future but as a rule of thumb you may want to plan on upgrading equipment after about every 3-4 years.
The effects of weather are very minimal with our service. Compared to satellite you will find weather related system issues to be almost non-existent.
Yes, the service will work nationwide if the carrier network is available.
No, we do not require a credit check to obtain service.
No, we do require all our customers to use auto bill pay. This requires either a checking account or debit/credit card.
We accept credit, debit and e-checks. We set all our customers up on auto bill pay. Monthly service is due on 1st of every month.
Not necessarily. There are many differences between how our service works compared to your cellphone. There are many scenarios that lead to poor cellular phone service but good Internet service. We recommend either speaking to one of our sales specialist to verify coverage before ordering or just try our service and return within the 7-day trial period if it does not work for you.
Just return to us within the 7-day trial period for a full refund. You just cover return shipping.
Yes, we do offer external antennas, they can be very useful if your home construction such as a metal roof or siding blocks signal.
Wifi will usually cover houses up between 2,500sf and 3,000sf depending on the layout. Wifi extenders are available at additional charge if needed.
Yes, you can suspend service for a period up to 3 months once a year.
One of our production engineers will configure and test your equipment. then we will process payment for your pro-rated first month service. You will receive an email with tracking. The prorated amount for the remaining days left in the month is charged to your payment method once your equipment is shipped. Typical shipping time varies from 1-3 days. We use priority shipping with USPS.
Our basic equipment is $99.99. We are required to charge sales tax on the equipment. Shipping is included in the price.
Yes, we offer both primary and back-up services for businesses. Please fill out our online business lead form and one of our business sales specialists will contact you.
Yes, just fill out our on-line business lead form and one of our business sales specialists will contact you with more information.
Our service is available nationwide throughout the United States.
Final speeds are not guaranteed. We do our best to give accurate estimates for quality of service and we offer a 7-day trial period so that our customers have no risk in trying us out, but final speeds will not be known until the system is used in your home or business.
We will work with you to optimize your equipment to meet your requirements. If we can not make the service work to your satisfcation we will refund 100% of the payment made for equipment and the pro-rated amount of service within 7 days of receiving the equipment. We want happy customers 🙂
Yes, in fact our Platinum Extreme plan was designed with that in mind. It is the only plan that allows us to set an open NAT type which is recommended to newer game systems.
Yes, however, some games require open NAT for optimal online game play.
Yes, however we may have to change equipment out, so it is possible you could incur additional equipment, shipping or service related charges.
No, all our customers pay the same price. The only discount we offer is for referring new customers to us.

Yes, all our plans are VPN compatible.