Specializing in Internet Service
for Rural America
Plans & Pricing

We specialize in providing Internet service to unserved or underserved areas across the United States as well as backup/failover Internet service to residential and business customers nationwide. We average 99%+ network up-time. NO CONTRACTS and NO CREDIT CHECKS. We offer a 7-day trial with 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. We are located in Linton, Indiana and have been in operation since 2018 and currently provide service to thousands of customers across the USA. We enjoy helping our customers obtain fast and reliable Internet service.

Service Plans

Gold Plan

(Being Replaced with New Plan in 2021)



Per Month

Platinum Plan

800 GB



Per Month

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Try our service for a week. If it doesn’t work the way you want, return the equipment for a full refund. You can cancel service anytime. No contracts. Service is month by month. Speeds may vary based on location.

Misuse/Abuse Policy

All of our plans are subject to cancellation for violation of the intended usage policy or the misuse policy of the network carrier. Service can be cancelled without notice. Violations of misuse policy include but are not limited to, plan sharing or using our plans to provide Internet for multiple residences, use of multiple video gaming systems on a single plan. Excessive gross data consumption, conducting illegal activities or downloading illegal content.

Our Technology

SmartRoute is our exclusive connectivity solution. We developed SmartRoute after testing many different products with our customers. Through our extended testing this allowed us to create the most reliable and fastest Internet experience for virtually any application. We assemble and test each unit at our production facility in Linton, Indiana using the best and most cost-effective components available on the market today. Your current wireless router can be paired with SmartRoute. We also carry wireless routers if you want to upgrade your current model or need a new one for your home or business.


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